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Mailing Lists in the Computer Age

Not long ago, consumers were frequently annoyed by duplicate mailings. When a company rented two or more mailing lists, there was no cost-effective way to compare the names and addresses on the lists to ensure that only one mailing was made to each address. Not only were consumers annoyed at the waste, but it was very expensive for mailers. Computers changed all that.

Today, sophisticated programs can sort and eliminate duplicate names and addresses with extraordinary speed, leaving just one name and address to receive the mailing.

In addition, marketers can create new markets by matching what they have decided are the most likely characteristics of buyers for their products from a wide variety of lists. It is estimated that there are more than 30,000 direct marketing lists available today. Many of the names on these lists are duplicates that are removed by computer matching.

Specialized computer programs allow two things to happen. First, although the process is far from perfect, consumers today are more likely than ever before to receive advertising mail that is of interest to them. Second, even the smallest businesses can use the technology to create a market and compete successfully, thereby creating jobs and contributing to America's economic growth.

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