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Medical mailing lists Direct Mail Connection has access to the most successful medical mailing lists available. We work with a wide variety of hospitals, medical recruiters, health product manufacturers and continuing medical education providers. Our experience is second to none and we will work to provide you with the best target for your market.

Our knowledge and background of the medical mailing list industry is second to none. We have many years of experience working with hospitals and universities on their Continuing Medical Education Programs. We also work closely with Physician Recruiters, Insurance Agents, Financial Planners and Pharmaceutical companies just to name a few.

We offer lists of AMA and AOA Physicians, ADA Dentists, Nurses, Allied Health Professionals, Association Members and Hospital Personnel by name.

The American Medical Association list is the most comprehensive and accurate list of medical professionals. The AMA physician list contains over 600,000 practicing physicians. When an individual enters medical school a unique number is assigned to him or her by the AMA. This unique number is used by this individual throughout his or her entire career. When a physician enters a residency program, obtains a medical license and takes the board exam all of these activities are registered with the AMA. The AMA list maintains information on all specialties, including both members of the AMA and non-members.

Because of this accuracy in data management there are No Duplicates on this mailing list. Each physician has their own unique number, so this prevents duplicate records. The AMA mailing list is updated weekly from over 2000 sources. The AMA is also notified when a physicain has retired or has deceased so that these records will not be included on the list.

The American Medical Association list consists of members and non-members and can be segregated by approximately 150 specialties and is also selectable by: We can also provide mailing lists of Canadian Physicians and International Physicians for certain countries.

The Nurses file is also a highly accurate and targeted mailing list and is compiled from state license information. You may also select nurses by specialty.

We also offer mailing lists of Hospitals, Nursing Homes, HMO's & PPO's and Home Healthcare Organizations. These may be selected by the people who are responsible for making purchasing decisions within their area of responsibility such as Administrators, Medical Records, OR Nurse/Supervisor and Radiology Services.



Mailing Lists  AMA Royalty - $20.00/per 1000
Mailing Lists  CME Royalty - $12.25/per 1000
Mailing Lists  Royalty for approved continuing education program $11.00 per 1000
Mailing Lists  Physician Mailing Lists can be selected by specialty, practice type, age and even graduation year

Below is an abbreviated list of Allied Health Professionals available…

Please contact Direct Mail Connection at 1 800 257 5242 for specialized pricing.

All lists are selectable by geography and can be produced in an array of formats. Pricing varies so please do not hesitate to call for specifics. If you don't see what you are looking for - please call we'll be delighted help.

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