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Resident/Occupant Mailing Lists

Our resident/occupant mailing list provides a great way to target a broad area. This list provides mass coverage of an area, and you will not have many returned mailing pieces if any at all. The mailing piece will be directed to resident/occupant so all pieces will be delivered by the postal carrier. You are assured that your mailing piece will be delivered with this type of list.

This is a very efficient list to use when you are trying to target apartment dwellers or multi family dwellings. Individuals who live in apartments tend to be very transient so it is very hard to target these viable consumers with a standard named residential list. Apartment dwellers could be missed with a standard named list because they could have moved, so this is the perfect list to use in order to get efficient coverage.

With this resident/occupant list you are able to target single family dwellings, multi family dwellings, rural routes, carrier routes and post office boxes. You may even further define your market by targeting only certain groups named above.

The resident/occupant list is a very versatile list and very economical. Let your advertising dollars work for you, because you will get mass coverage for a great price.

List Pricing

Mailing Lists  $15.00 per 1000 names minimum $175.00

Plus Format Pricing

Mailing Lists  $8.00 per 1000 names on a peel & stick label
Mailing Lists  $50.00 flat fee to have list e-mailed
Mailing Lists  $75.00 flat fee on disc

Direct Mail Connection strives to provide the most comprehensive mailing lists available. It has been our long standing tradition to provide the most diversified and authentic lists available.

Order today and make your business even more successful!

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