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Residential Mailing Lists
Residential Direct Mail Connection is able to identify over 90 Million heads of household by name. 800 million pieces of information are derived from over 20 sources such as white pages, auto registration, drivers' license information and credit information to compile our consumer mailing lists.

Virtually all lists come from the combination of numerous sources of data. Every effort is made to confirm that an address is not only correct, but that the demographics amended to the address are correct as well.

A major database is used as a starting point for residentail mailing lists. In this case it is auto registration and driver's licenses. Added to this is virtually any government record that freedom of information laws allow us to access. These include birth records, mortgages, divorce filings, marriage licenses and many, many more.

Additional psychographic and demographic information is largely inferred. The individual living in a neighborhood of million dollar homes is placed in an upper income category. Conversely, the apartment dweller with an old car is estimated to be of lower income. These demographic "modeling" techniques are similar to the same procedures used by the US Census Bureau.

Polls and questionnaires give us added insight into the buying habits of consumers. Knowledge of someone's interests helps us properly target them for specific offers.


Mailing Lists   $50.00 per 1000 names base with a minimum order of 5000 names or $250.00

Frequently Used Selections:

Mailing Lists  Income : $4.00 per 1000
Mailing Lists  Age : $7.50 per 1000
Mailing Lists  Child Present : $8.00 per 1000
Mailing Lists  Child by Specific Age : $10.00 per 1000
Mailing Lists  Phone Numbers : $10.00 per 1000
Mailing Lists  Homeowner : $8.00 per 1000
Mailing Lists  Type of Dwelling : No charge
Mailing Lists  Length of Residence : $3.00 per 1000
Mailing Lists   Wholesale pricing available

New Movers and New Homeowners

Direct Mail connection offers the most comprehensive list of New Movers and New Homeowners. This market is an excellent prospect for companies selling home furnishings, phone service, insurance, local retailers and restaurants. Both of theses lists are available on a monthly basis, so you can target the most up to date individuals. Consumers moving into a new area are a highly receptive group of individuals and they are ready to spend money on new products and services.

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