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Response Mailing Lists

Response mailing lists Response mailing lists are comprised of people who have actually taken action. For example, they have filled out a survey, bought a magazine or purchased from a mail order catalog. These lists are usually smaller in size, but are very targeted and very accurate as to deliverability. Student mailing lists, teacher and school mailing lists and new mover lists are also highly targeted lists.

Magazines & Journals:
When we know the publications to which an individual subscribes, we gain a great deal of insight into where their interests lie. Most magazines, trade journals and industry publications release lists of their subscribers. Many will also make available their lists of expired subscribers and even those who have only inquired about subscribing.

Because most subscribers will let the publisher know their new address if they move, these lists are VERY accurate as to deliverability.

Mail Order Buyers:
As with subscriber lists, we can tell a great deal about individuals when we know the products they have previously purchased.

Many catalog and mail order companies will release lists of their buyers. If your product is similar to what has been bought in the past, we can assume the consumer may have a continued interest in this type of product.

Student Mailing Lists:
Students are a growing consumer market and this is a market that should not be overlooked. Young adults have tremendous buying power, from preschool age through high school. More than $20 billion is spent annually on toys, video games, computer games, books and more. We offer a comprehensive student mailing list where you are able to target the actual student by name. We are able to target pre-school, elementary and junior high students, high school students, and college students. You may further narrow your target by gender and class year.

High school students are a powerful group of consumers. Many high school students have jobs which gives them even more buying power. Our student list allows you to reach millions of theses students throughout the whole United States. This list is ideal for companies who are promoting education, computers, electronics, clothing, student loans and much more. College students are a prime target for marketing many products and services such as cars, banking, electronics, computers, clothing and credit cards. This list may be segmented by class year and school.

Faculty Mailing Lists:
Direct Mail Connection offers a high quality educator mailing list. You can target a wide range of school faculty by name such as teachers, principals, administrators and librarians. We offer one of the most comprehensive and accurate education databases.


You would use a response list when you need proven mail responders to maximize sales. Generally these buyers have the best track record with their purchasing history.

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