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Business SIC Code List (Standard Industrial Classification)
Business mailing lists Direct Mail Connection has access to over 12 million unique businesses nationwide. Business mailing lists are a great way to promote and expand your own business. Data is collected from yellow pages, business white pages, annual reports, government agencies and postal information. From this information we are able to provide our customers with the most current and accurate leads. With our business lists you are able to target by sales volume, employee size and type of business. Business contact name, phone numbers and fax numbers are also available. A direct mail campaign is a great way to increase business and the business list is a great way to generate new leads.

Following are the general categories of business mailing lists. Please contact your list broker for a more detailed breakdown. This is a great guide for targeting certain types of busiensses for your business list.

01-09 Agriculture

01 Agricultural Crops

02 Agricultural Production Livestock

07 Agricultural Services

08 Forestry

09 Fisheries

10-14 Mining

            10 Metal Mining

            12 Bituminous & Lignite Mining

            13 Oil, Gas Extraction

            14 Nonmetallic Minerals

15-17 Construction

15 General Building Contractors

                Single Family and Residential Construction

                Nonresidential Construction

            16 Heavy Construction Contractors

                 Highway, Street, Bridge Construction

                 Water, Sewer, Utilities and Dams

            17 Special Trade Construction

                 Plumbing, Heating and Air

                 Painting, Electrical

    Masonry, Stonework and Plastering

    Carpentry and Floor Work

    Roofing, Siding and Sheet Metal Work

    Concrete Work

    Water Well Drilling

    Glass, Excavation, Wrecking

20-39 Manufacturing

20 Food & Kindred Products

21 Tobacco Manufactures

22 Textile Mill Products

23 Apparel, Related Products

24 Lumber and Wood Products

25 Furniture and Fixtures

26 Paper and Allied Products

27 Printing and Publishing

28 Chemical and Allied Products

29 Petroleum Refining and Related Industries

30 Rubber and Plastics  

31 Leather and Leather Products

32 Stone, Clay and Glass Products

33 Primary Metal Industries

34 Fabricated Metal Products

35 Machinery except Electrical

36 Electrical Equipment

37 Transportation Equipment

38 Instruments and Related Products

39 Misc. Manufacturing

40-49 Transportation, Communications and Public Utilities

40 Railroad Transportation

41 Local Passenger Transit

42 Trucking & Warehousing

43 US Postal Service

44 Water Transportation

45 Air Transportation

46 Pipe Lines except Natural Gas

47 Transportation Services

48 Communication

49 Electric, Gas & Sanitary Service

50 Wholesale Trade (Durable Goods)

 Motor Vehicles & Auto. Equip.

 Furniture & Home Furnishing

 Lumber & Construction Material

 Professional & Commercial Equip.

 Materials & Minerals

 Electric Goods

 Hardware, Plumbing & Heating Equip.

 Machinery, Equipment & Supplies

51 Wholesale Trade (Non-Durable)

 Paper & Paper Products

 Drug, Proprietaries & Sundries

 Apparel, Piece Goods & Notions

 Groceries & Related Products

 Farm Products Raw Materials

 Chemical & Allied Products

 Petroleum & Petroleum Products

 Beer, Wine & Distilled Products

52-59 Retail Trade

52 Building Materials, Hardware & Garden Supplies

53 General Merchandise

54 Food Stores

55 Automotive Dealers & Service Stations

56 Apparel & Accessories Stores

57 Home Furnishing Stores

58 Eating & Drinking Places

59 Miscellaneous Retail

60-67 Finance, Insurance & Real Estate Services

60 Banking

61 Credit Agencies except banks

62 Security Commodity Brokers

63 Insurance Carriers

64 Insurance Agents and Brokers

65 Real Estate Agents Operators & Lessors

67 Holdings & Other Investment Offices

70-89 Services

       70 Hotels

 Hotel, Motels  

 Rooming & Boarding Houses

 Camps & RV Parks

       72 Personal Services

 Laundry, Cleaning & Garment Service

 Photographic Studios (Portrait)

 Beauty Shops

 Barber Shops

 Shoe Repair & Shoeshine Repair

 Funeral Service & Crematories

 Miscellaneous Personal Services

      73 Business Services

 Advertising Agencies

 Credit Reporting & Collection

 Mailing, Reproduction Commercial Art

 Services To Buildings

 Misc. Equipment Rental & Leasing

 Personnel Supply Services

 Computer & Data Processing Services

 Miscellaneous Business Services

     75 Automotive Repair Services & Garages

 Automotive Rental without Drivers

 Automotive Parking

 Automotive Repair Shops

 Automotive Services (other than repair)

 Repair Services

     76 Miscellaneous Repair Services

             Radio and TV Repair

             Electrical Repair shops

             Watch and Jewelry Repair

             Welding, Tank and Boiler Repair

             Nautical, Hospital, Recreation Equipment Repair

             General Household Repair

             Miscellaneous Repair

  78 Motion Pictures  

  79 Amusement & Recreation Services

 Dance Halls Studios and Schools

 Producers Theatrical

 Bowling Centers

 Commercial Sports

 Misc. Amusement Recreation

  80 Health Services

 Offices of Physicians

 Offices of Dentists

 Offices of Other Health Practitioners

 Nursing & Personal Care Facilities


 Medical & Dental Laboratories

 Home Health Care Facilities

 Health & Allied Services

  81 Legal Service

  82 Educational Services

 Elementary & Secondary Schools

 Colleges & Universities

 Libraries & Information Centers

 Correspondence & Vocational Schools

 Schools & Educational Services

  83 Social Services/Museums

 Individual & Family Service

 Job Training & Related Services

 Child Day Care Services

 Residential Care

 Social Services

  84 Museums, Botanical Gardens, Zoos

  86 Membership Organizations

 Business Associations

 Professional Organizations

 Labor Organizations

 Civic & Social Associations

 Political Organizations

 Religious Organizations

 Membership Organizations

   87 Accounting, Engineering & Management

 Engineering & Architectural Surveying

 Accounting, Auditing & Bookkeeping

 Architectural Services

 Research Development

 Management & Public Relations

   89 Miscellaneous Services

  91-97 Public Administration

    91 Executive Legal and General Government

            Executive Offices

            Legislative and Executive Bodies

            General Government

   92 Justice and Public Safety


            Police and Legal Counsel

            Fire Protection

93 Public Finance Tax and Monetary Policy

94 Administration of Human Resources Programs

            Educational Programs

            Public Health Programs

            Veterans. Affairs

95 Administration of Environmental and Housing Programs

            Air, water and solid waste

            Land, Mineral and Wildlife Conservation

            Housing Programs and Urban Development

96 Administration of Economic Programs

            Transportation, Utilities, Agricultural Marketing

97 National Security International Affairs

99 Nonclassified



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