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Frequently Asked Questions

Response Rate?
Begin tracking the results of your direct mail campaign as the first responses start to come in. The best way to measure the success of direct mail is to analyze the results to determine your best course of action. Response rates will vary because there are many factors that go into a direct mail campaign. Important components include the mail piece itself, your offer or product, timing of your mailing and of course the mailing list.

How do I narrow the geography?
You are able to narrow your target by selecting the geography that you think will best suit your target market. You can select the geography by state, county, SCF, zip code or by carrier route of the postal carrier if you need to get even more specific. Carrier routes can usually be obtained from your post office or by going to their website SCF is the first 3 digits of a zip code that is a useful way to target a broader area than pulling just by zip code.

Will all of my mail pieces be delivered?
Direct mail is a very effective method of marketing a product or service, and the mailing list is a very important part of the of the campaign. However, mailing lists cannot by guaranteed 100%. Look for a mailing list that is guaranteed to be at least 90% deliverable. This is an industry standard with most business and residential marketing mailing lists. Some of your more specialized mailing lists should be guaranteed to be about 95% deliverable.

When should I do my mailing?
This depends on the product you are selling. If you are selling Christmas ornaments you would want to start your marketing efforts in the fall. If you are selling a gardening tool you may want to consider the spring to start your campaign. It is important to analyze your product and the target market to determine the best timing for your mailing campaign.

How often should I repeat my mailing?
When a consumer sees a product more than once or twice that consumer is more likely to remember. Humans learn by repetition and the more something is put in front of them the more likely they would be to respond to the offer. So, depending on your product or offer the answer to this question can vary. With your first mailing you can determine what worked best and what did not work, so with your additional mailings you can revise your mail piece and your offer to best suit your needs. Follow up mailings are best done fairly close together so that the consumer can recall the product.

Should I follow up with a phone call?
You can enhance your mailing efforts with a telemarketing program. Most mailing lists have phone numbers available as well. This is a good tool to use as a follow up to a direct marketing campaign to remind the consumer of your product or service.

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