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Planning your Mail Campaign

List response is often confused with list deliverability. A list could be 100% deliverable, but perhaps you did not get any responses to your offer. Automatically it is assumed that the list was "no good." It could be that the mailing list was targeted to the wrong market. Again, we stress the importance of making the mailing list work for you by knowing your target audience. Keep in mind that the national rate of response for direct mail is ˝ to 1% and depends on many factors….attractiveness of your mail piece, cost of your product and timing of the mailing. See our step by step guide.

When should I order my mailing list? Timing is critical. Your mailing list is custom ordered - it is not sitting on a shelf waiting to be mailed. It generally takes 4-5 working days to produce a standard order on printed material or magnetic media. Many mailing lists are now available by e-mail format but it can still take 24-48 hours depending on the list. Make sure you allow plenty of time to receive your list. A general rule of thumb would be to order your mailing list before ordering your printed material. If the list you have ordered has gone through an update, or a count was pulled incorrectly (this can happen) your count may have changed. A discrepancy of even 500 names may affect printing and mailing costs.

If you have dated material to mail - make sure you allow enough time for your mailing piece to be delivered. The post office has 2 working days days to process your mail, BUT your mail could go to 3-4 different post offices before it is delivered. It could be 6-8 days before your piece actually reaches its destination. If you have taken your mail to the post office a week before your sale, you run the risk of it being delivered on the day of the sale or after the sale has already occurred - resulting in disastrous consequences.

Remember to plan in advance when purchasing your mailing lists and planning your direct mail campaign.
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