mailing list consumer tips

Key Mailing List Success Tips

  1. Know your consumer
  2. Provide your mailing list broker with an accurate description of your product or offer. The broker may have suggestions as to the type of list that would best suite your needs.
  3. Know the difference is a response and a compiled mailing list.
    -Response mailing lists are comprised of individuals who have responded to an offer either through the mail, phone, and television or through other means of mass communication.
    -Compiled mailing lists are a compilation of information from public records and sources such as the phone book, courthouse records, bankruptcy filings, mortgage deed records and more.
  4. Have a customer profile-address your offer to an individual. Understand your customers' needs and desires
  5. What is your offer? Be straight forward and enticing in the merchandising of your product
  6. Make sure there is quality in your offer. How can the consumer benefit from your product?
  7. Evaluate your costs. What is the cost per lead verses the pricing of your product?
  8. The appearance of your mail piece should look personal so the consumer is more likely to open it.
  9. You may want to include informative brochures and testimonials regarding your offer.
  10. Track responses. You can evaluate the success of your mail campaign by analyzing and tracking the response so with your next mailing you can make adjustments to increase responses, thus increasing business and profitability.
  11. Many times it does take more than one contact with a consumer to turn a prospect into a loyal customer.
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